Heats Recap: Round 2 at Ocala Gran Prix

Heats Recap: Round 2 at Ocala Gran Prix

Heats Recap: Round 2 at Ocala Gran Prix

APRIL 16, 2016 (OCALA, FL) – After a hectic weather day with a little rain and wind,  heats went very well for all the different ROK classes at Ocala Gran Prix. Here is a little recap of what happened on the last heat of the day:



After the Green flag Powell #80 got the lead on a close start following Bueno #19, Johnson #7 and Costa #5. On lap three Johnson gets to the front giving the opportunity to Bueno #19 to get in second. On lap 6 Powell tries a bold move to win two positions in one pass, but wins only one, still with the desire to get first place Powel goes out on the last lap giving Johnson, Costa and Carrasquedo the first three places. Last class of the day was Mini ROK, all drivers had an adrenaline charged race, they all got divided in different packs, but the fight between Gold #155 and Maxson #174 was an intense bumper to bumper race, followed by Montoya #158 and De Tullio #120, were all crossed the line nose to nose.


Shifter Senior / Shifter Master

In the Shifter Senior class OGP drivers, Kirkwood #541 and Garrison #529,   took the lead since the beginning and keeping it during the whole race with an 8.4 difference gap between the first two positions and the rest of the pack. The third place for senior was a tight fight between Gore #512, Hargraves #599 and Jordan #531. In the Shifter Master class Matthewson #625 was comfortable in the first position followed by Jacob 608 and Hankinson #522.



During the 10 lap heat of the Master class the fight between Dacosta #457 and Duek #418, then 2 laps before the checkered flag, Duek took the glory and finished 1st, followed by Dacosta and Gransaull #403.

The Senior class as exciting, Castro surprised the youngsters by getting the lead in the start, then on the middles of the first lap Norberg #348 and Franzoni #317 get in the first two positions, giving an incredible racing demonstration. The Junior class had the most challenging race of all. After Gonzalez #257 and Keel #269 and Rackley #233 get the first positions, track conditions worsen with rain, taking out 8 drivers by lap 7.

For complete heats results and grid  please visit the result page here.

Photo by: Bruno Turano

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