ROK Cup USA and SimCraft Partnership Program Confirmed

ROK Cup USA and SimCraft Partnership Program Confirmed

With the 2023 ROK Cup USA race season underway with the popular winter karting programs such as the Florida Winter Tour and the Challenge of the Americas, ROK Cup Promotions is pleased to confirm a partner in their growing efforts. Inking a deal with SimCraft to become the official Sim company of ROK Cup Promotions, SimCraft is sweetening the pot for all ROKKERs with a free entry to ROK Vegas with the purchase of a unit.

“SimCraft simulation equipment provides drivers wishing to move up the ladder an excellent training ground,” explains Mike Burrell, Director of Operations for ROK Cup Promotions. “Although we hate to see ROKKERs leave our sport and move to cars, we know a certain percentage will make that jump and we want them to be as well prepared to represent the ROK Cup USA alumni as possible. SimCraft simulators help bridge that gap, and we’re excited about this partnership opportunity.”

“We’re excited to work with the ROK Cup teams and drivers, making our technology available to those that are looking to accelerate their development.  Some of our highest-profile customers got their start in karting.  Understanding the importance of using tools like ours to continually work on their race craft, seeing their work ethic and the growth they’ve achieved as drivers, is a great road map for success for the next generation of professionals,” notes SimCraft Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Sean P. MacDonald. “SimCraft’s Motion Technology and our attention to physics, allow our clients to develop the same positive muscle memory as they would get in a real vehicle, perfecting their craft in a safer, more cost-effective environment.  That’s what Driver Development is all about.”

Showing their commitment to one another, ROKKERs can earn a free entry to the ROK Vegas event later this season with the purchase of a SimCraft Simulator.

Get more information and your ROK Cup USA discount by scanning the SimCraft Simulator QR Code:

Burrell continued, “Any driver who uses our partner code (ROKUSA) and purchases a SimCraft simulator on the APEX2-4 platform will receive a free entry to ROK Vegas. Any ROKKER purchasing one on the APEX5 or higher platform will receive a full ROK Vegas entry package including tires and fuel.”

While this is an exciting opportunity off-track, ROKKERs will be back on track this coming weekend, March 3-5 at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association (PKRA) facility for the second round of the Challenge of the Americas program before the Florida Winter Tour heads to round three at the Orlando Kart Center March 16-19.

For more information on ROK Cup USA, ROK Cup Promotions, please feel free to contact ROK CUP USA at (407) 476-5635 or or Mike Burrell via email to

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