After a strong year of racing in 2017 where the participation was the high and there was competitive racing in every class right up to the last race. The 2018 season of the ROK Sonoma (Presented by Sanzaru) looks to be an even stronger year. The major reason for a bigger 2018 season will be the impact of ROK as the title sponsor for our Championship series here at Sonoma. Also, the ROK Challenge of Americas coming to the Simraceway Performance Karting Center in April will increase entries with new NorCal drivers and many West Coast drivers coming together to prepare for the nation’s premier national championship event.

New classes, new karts and new drivers all focused on the 2018 race season. A majority of Rotax drivers from last year have made the switch to ROK classes which will also bring in new ROK drivers from around Northern California. The hottest class for 2018 may be Junior ROK, where top Junior Rotax drivers converted over from the last three years will make this a large ROK class stacked with lots of talent. Challenge of Americas portion of the ROK Sonoma series will be a strong influence in all classes this year as several Junior ROK Champion drivers that competed in Phoenix Feb 24-25 will be competing at ROK Sonoma this year as well.

Kid Karts 1 and 2 will be joined together this year to create a competition only class with the first race starting Race #3 May 11-12.

This year 5 gallons of VP C12 fuel and 1L of Motul 2t oil will be mandatory purchases at registration. Bridgestone YLR “marked” tires will also be available for purchase at registration. Only those specific “marked” tires will be allowed for qualifying and racing on Sunday otherwise it will be a technical DQ. These tires can be used in future races.

A chance of rain is in the forecast for Race day. If you need Rain Tires please contact Tavis McGrain at Cameron Karting no later than Monday, March 5th. Engines must be declared and sealed before Sunday’s qualifying with the Tech Director.

The race weekend will start with practice on Saturday. All ROK Sonoma classes will be able to get in as many as 9 ten-minute sessions giving everyone time to prepare. Practice starts at 8:30am and runs to 5:30pm. Saturday, registration will be open at 7:30am. Practice is open to all drivers who are up to normal racing speeds with karts that meet current karting specifications. Cost is $60 for Practice only. Kid karts will not run until Race #3.

Sunday’s race day begins at 8:10am with a quick round of practice for the nine race groups followed by a 5-timed lap group Qualifying session, and two eight lap Pre-Mains. For the Mains, Micro ROK will have 12 laps, Senior and Master ROK Shifters will have 20 laps with the remaining classes to have 18 laps. Registration will open at 7:00am. Race Entry is $110, $15 for transponder rental if needed, $10 for all crew and spectators and kids under 12 years of age are $5. Bridgestone YLRs are $250, $235 for Cadet, 5-gallon jug VP C12 $85 and 1 liter of Motul 2t oil for $ 21 all prices include sales tax and are mandatory purchases at registration. Registration is at the Administration building on the right side as you enter Sonoma Raceway, look for the Sanzaru Games Registration sign. Sunday is Daylights Savings Time which means we add 1 hour to our current time. So, what was 7am will be 8am. Please change your clock accordingly so that you are not late and miss the 8am practice session.

Please review the updated 2018 Supplemental rules as well as the Driver’s notes.

Parental Consent Minor Release Form

For more details for the ROK Sonoma (Presented by Sanzaru) go to the series website at to view season race dates, classes, series rules and more.

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