2021 ROK Cup USA Florida Winter Tour – Isle Casino – Thursday Report

2021 ROK Cup USA Florida Winter Tour – Isle Casino – Thursday Report

Daily Report by ROK Cup USA
Photos by: Canadian Karting News

From Around the Paddock
It was day one of the 2021 ROK Cup USA season as more than 200 ROKKERs hit the temporary circuit at the Isle Casino in Pompano Beach, Florida. With the second annual trip to the venue, a few minor changes from the 2020 edition were presented to competitors including paddock and track parking lot swap, the Kart Pass app, LeVanto Tires and a slight track design update to promote better racing and passing opportunities throughout. With temperatures expected to be in the high 60s and low 70s throughout the four on track days, the ROK Cup USA staff, teams and competitors are anxious for the first green flag of heat one and a fresh new season tomorrow afternoon.

Kart Pass App
Making their debut with the ROK Cup USA program at the ROK the RIO event back in November, the Kart Pass app has made it’s Florida Winter Tour debut this weekend. Set to assist the ROK Cup USA program throughout 2021, the online registration and pit pass application has been updated to provide a better user experience based on feedback from staff and competitors in Las Vegas. With a seamless check in process and acquisition of paddock passes, registration lines and person to person contact was once again nonexistent.

“We are really happy with the work that Frank and his team at Kart Pass have done,” explained Garett Potter. “While we always want to put on the best races possible, Kart Pass allows us to turn the registration and check-in process for each driver to a very quick procedure allowing us to focus more on the overall event.”

In 2020, the opening round of the Florida Winter Tour racked up a total of 240 entries scattered across of variety of different classes including ROK, 206 and 100cc. With the move to a Vortex ROK engine only focus in 2021, all 206 classes were removed from the schedule and the 100cc Junior and Senior classes were changed to VLR Junior and VLR Senior. With an anticipated 165 entries for the first event of 2021, ROK Cup USA once again went above and beyond the expected and crested 200 by the time on track action started this morning.

Parking Lot Swap
With a parking lot swap greeting teams and competitors upon arrival to the Isle Casino Hotel in Pompano Beach, ROK Cup USA made the switch with the racer in mind. More space to build the track and a smoother surface initiated the change and will provide competitors the smoothest surface for any temporary circuit of any ROK Cup USA event in the past. The lot swap also allowed for some track design changes to better the overall experience of the opening round of the 2021 Florida Winter Tour.

LeVanto Tires
While teams and drivers have had access to the LeVanto Tires for the past month, the new brand of choice for ROK Cup USA will make their North American debut this weekend. Manufactured by Italian manufacturer LeCont, the new LeVanto Tires will be put to the test this weekend in the Isle Casino parking lot as they will be utilized by every class from Micro ROK to Shifter Master ROK.

Track Design Change
A change in parking lot allowed for a design change in the track to better promote close racing and entice passing. A long and fast layout featuring seventeen unique corners will put drivers and crews to the test throughout the race weekend as the barrier lined circuit continues to take down rubber with each passing session. The .74-mile circuit is the smoothest temporary venue ever constructed by ROK Cup USA.

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