Event & Engine Registration Process





    • -ALL track access passes are sold separately – must be purchased through KART PASS APP
      -Driver, Grid Mechanic and Crew must purchase a pass for track access 
      -Yes, drivers passes must be purchased separate from registration (we adjusted the price)
    • -Passes, transponder rental and practice can be done in the same transaction, but separate from registration.
    • -Grid Mechanic passes are sold separately  – only 1 mechanic per driver allowed on grid(must match with registration information)
    • -NO track registration available
    • -Ticket winners must also use the app to register with promo code. Contact info@rokcupusa.com if you are a ticket winner. (Passes, transponder rental and practice not included)

Please be sure drivers have BOTH Registration (Purple) and Pit Pass (Blue) (Blue pass must have the driver’s name one it, not the parent).

Driver registration for the race is not considered complete until you have both passes.

Driver Pit Passes are sold separately and must be purchased through the Kart Pass App.














Transponder Rental: Make sure you have the Red Transponder Rental pass













Thursday Practice: Make sure you have the Orange Thursday practice pass if option available











HOW to buy pit passes:

Drivers under 18 passes: CLICK HERE

Drivers over 18 passes: On the app click on Event > Event > Get your pass

Grid Mechanic passes: CLICK HERE


Kart Pass powered by Pit Pay, the new touchless app will ease the registration process, signing of waivers and limit any personal contact at all ROK Cup USA events

Kart Pass is FREE to Download:

Apple App Store > https://getkartpass.com/wc9

Google Play Store > https://getkartpass.com/4h1

 There will be no onsite registration

STARTING JULY 15, 2023: All ROK Cup USA Pre-Tech forms will be completed via Kart Pass. Scroll down the race page & click on the “Pre-Tech Form” link. This must be completed by the start of qualifying!



Every Vortex/ROK engine is designed and built to the highest standards. But we all know, with anything mechanical there can be problems. While no part in any form of motorsports is 100% guaranteed or warrantied, we want to do our best to make sure ROK Engine customers have the best possible experience and service when using our products.

Part of improving our service & communications is having a database of information on the ROK engines in the market. This link and/or the QR code below are to the “ROK Engine Registration Form“. New or used engines not registered by December 31, 2023 will not be eligible for any future warranties, recalls, etc.

QR code for ROK Engine Registration Form:


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