ROK Cup USA to Utilize Eni Oil to Align Program Worldwide

ROK Cup USA to Utilize Eni Oil to Align Program Worldwide

With Eni Oil becoming a partner in ROK Cup competition, the growing energy company will now be the official oil supplier for ROK Cup events around the world. Set to make their North American karting debut in September, the Eni line of products is in stock and available now from ROK Cup USA.

“We welcome Eni to the ROK Cup USA family and look forward to utilizing their products in all our events,” explained Director of Operations Garett Potter. “We will begin at our ROK Fest West event in September, carry that through ROK Vegas and into the 2022 season. Eni has become the new oil partner in the series and all regional, national and international ROK regions will use in their programs, strengthening another valuable aspect in the ROK Cup program.”

Located in 68 countries around the world and with nearly 31,000 staff members around the globe, Eni is truly a worldwide company. With more than 60% of their employees based in Italy, the heart of the worldwide karting program, the partnership for ROK Global was a no brainer and will help push the ROK Cup program another step up the ladder. Eni is also a publicly traded company and another partner brought into the karting industry by ROK Cup.

Potter continued, “At ROK Cup USA, we have the Eni oil in stock and our dealers can begin to order and stock at their convenience. Eni will have branding at all of our events, and we are working closely with them to provide value for both our teams and competitors.”

Eni Oil will make their official North America debut at the ROK Fest West event at the Sonoma Raceway September 16-19.

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